Action and Outreach

The Connor Mothers' Union Action and Outreach Unit is a wide-ranging and varied Unit and is, as its name implies, the 'doing' part of MU. The Unit comprises Worldwide (including Links); Projects both at home and overseas; and Young Members.

The Worldwide section is currently led by Noreen Hurst. Contributions to the Worldwide work of MU come from members through their overseas boxes and are used in two ways:
1. The Relief Fund which releases money quickly in times of emergencies, e.g. famine or earthquake
2. The Worldwide Fund which supports long-term projects, e.g. the Literacy and Development Programme in Africa.

The Projects part of the Unit is led by Kathleen Lunn and is concerned with local projects in our own Diocese and community, such as providing emergency toiletry bags for hospitals and Women's Aid refuges, a simple cookbook for first-year university students and hand-made garments for premature and stillborn babies.

The Young Members' section is headed up by Wendy Halligan and is focused on meeting the needs of younger families both in MU and the wider parishes of the Diocese. An annual fun social evening and a weekend residential conference targeted largely at busy mums and their families are regular features organised by the Young Members. In recent years, parenting facilitators have also been trained to run courses for young mums.