Finance and Administration

Jean has served in this Unit as Diocesan Secretary, Unit Coordinator and now Vice President. We are indebted to Jean for her dedication to Mothers’ Union and especially for her guidance in matters of finance and accounting.
Alberta has recently taken on this role and is responsible for leading the Unit and interpreting the rules and governance of the Society.
Emma is responsible for the day to day transactions occurring in the bank accounts of MU. Hers is a very important post, with turnover reaching almost £60,000 annually. Emma presents a set of accounts for Trustees’ approval at the end of each financial year.
Alberta Miskimmin the Acting Diocesan Secretary gives clerical support to the Diocesan President. She circulates agendas, writes minutes of meetings and ensures that information about all MU issues is passed on as widely as possible to members. Email communication is the accepted form of disseminating information nowadays and this is an almost daily task for the Diocesan Secretary.
All the members of Finance & Administration Unit must be congratulated on their dedication to the work of the Unit. The commitment of time and energy required to fulfil their various roles is remarkable and we thank God for the use of their talents.