National & International Projects
National Projects
Bye Buy Childhood
Mothers Union believes that children should be valued as children, not consumers. Yet marketers target children's natural inexperience in order to reach the household purse. Giving children the message that they are what they own, rather than valuing them for who they are, can negatively affect their wellbeing.

Mothers Union launched the Bye Buy Childhood campaign in 2010 to challenge the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood. We spoke to MPs, petitioned the Prime Minister and carried out awareness raising across the UK & Ireland. Shortly after the launch, Mothers Union Chief Executive, Reg Bailey, was commissioned by the Government, to carry out an independent review into the issue.

Since then, we have seen significant action taken by Parliament, industry and regulators to ensure that marketing and goods aimed at children are appropriate; to protect and build resilience within children as they engage with the commercial world, to support parents and carers in managing the impact of the commercial world, and to change the commercialised and sexualised landscape of modern life.

However, following further research, Mothers Union has found that the commercialisation of childhood is still a reality. Four out of five parents report being concerned about the commercialisation of childhood and 86% about the sexualisation of childhood. And whilst their concerns have increased, many parents lack confidence in dealing with the issue, with only half (51%) of parents feeling equipped to manage the influence of advertising and the commercial world on their family.

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence
This 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, Mothers' Union is shining a light on violence against women and girls, with the clear message that it is not ok. We are calling on communities around the world to understand the many different forms of abuse that gender-based violence takes, from controlling behaviour by a partner to rape as a weapon of war. Changing culture to end gender-based violence takes all of us working together to spread the message that 'IT IS NOT OK'!

In particular, we encourage families and schools to teach children and young people about building healthy relationships, and to challenge gender stereotypes. We are also calling on governments and leaders to take actions, to:

1. Ensure that national, local and customary law prohibits all forms of violence against women and girls

2. Ensure that victims of gender-based violence have access to justice; and to support services

3. Ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted, punished and rehabilitated

In the UK specifically, we are calling on the Government to redress the injustice in the new child maintenance system, for victims of domestic abuse.

We ask that victims be exempt from the 'collect and pay' charges for using the statutory Child Maintenance Service, as they may have no other option to receive or make payments for their children without further risk of abuse or violence. Using a family-based arrangement or Direct Pay could result in ongoing contact with the abuser, placing survivors at further risk.

International Projects
  • Literacy and Financial Education programme in Malawi, Burundi, Sudan, South Sudan and in 2015, through the Mums in May project , where 98%of women in the refugee camps are illiterate.
  • The Relief Fund provides financial support for communities who face disaster. Aid is always sent through Mothers Union Community Development.
  • The Family Life programme
  • The Parenting Programme